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Root Muladhara Chakra Couple Rakhi

Root Muladhara Chakra Couple Rakhi

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Give your siblings a real treat this Rakhi, with the Root Muladhara Chakra Couple Rakhi!

This exclusive set of 2 rakhis comes with a powerful energy, giving you and your siblings a boost of strength during the festivities.

Let your bond of love shine through like never before! ?

The Root Chakra is the foundation of the physical structure of the body.

The word Muladhara is composed of two Sanskrit words: mula meaning ?root? and adhara which means ?base? or ?support?. 

This chakra is responsible for our sense of security and stability. It is also associated with our survival instinct.

The Root Chakra is the element of Earth and refers to stability, security and safety. The Zodiacs of Root Chakra are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo

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